Meet the Makers


Robert Boback – Head Cheesemaker

Bob entered the cheese industry as a part timer and worked in sanitation, milk receiving and eventually became sanitation supervisor. He joined Roth in 1994 and became licensed as a cheesemaker in 1997. He has taken no less than ten additional courses to supplement his credentials and keep up with the industry. He finds great pride and excitement in the finished products that he creates from milk. Bob finds gratification working for a successful company that demands nothing less than 100% satisfaction for its employees and customers. He feels that Roth has done and will do everything possible to support him in and outside of the company.

Steve Isely – Cheesemaker

Steve began his career in a local factory doing sanitation and clean up at the end of production. He became a licensed cheesemaker in 1975 and joined Roth in 2005. He has taken at least six additional training courses to supplement his credentials and keep up with the industry. He feels pride in the fact that customers are enjoying something he made. Steve says that every day at Roth is a challenge because there is always something different going on. He is glad to see and experience the growth that Roth has achieved as a company.

Bruce Breisath – Cheesemaker

Bruce started his career in cheesemaking at the age of 16 as an assistant cheesemaker. He became a licensed cheesemaker in 1977 and joined Roth in 2010. According to Bruce, cheesemaking has changed a lot over the years. He feels that working at Roth is a positive experience because we embrace the need for change and expansion. He is confident that Roth will be a front runner in the industry because of our willingness to innovate, work with new equipment and use progressive methods.

Ray Moore – Cheesemaker

Ray Moore joined the Roth team in November 2011. He has been a licensed Cheesemaker since 2007 but cut his teeth in the industry after school at Chalet Cheese brining and turning cheese. Ray came back to the cheese industry in 2003 after attending college. He worked at a local factory making Mozzarella and Ricotta. Ray says that he enjoys trying to perfect the art of cheesemaking and producing a high quality product. He enjoys the work at Roth because of the challenge and the fact that the company produces several types of cheese, which is a change of pace from making the same cheese day in and day out. He is also interested in how seasonal milk affects the process with regard to yield, flavor and protein.