Buttermilk Blue®


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This delicately-laced Blue cheese is created from raw milk for the creamiest taste and texture. Tangy yet mellow. Bold yet restrained. Perfect for cooking, crumbling or eating out of hand. Cellar-aged for at least 2 months.

Perfect for:

  • Blue cheese dips and dressing
  • Crumbling over steaks and burgers
  • Starring in risotto, pizza, and mac & cheese


  • World. Championship Cheese Contest
    • Best of Class – 2014
  • U.S. Championship Cheese Contest
    • 2nd Place – 2013
  • Wisconsin State Fair
    • 2nd Place – 2013

Pair with:

  • Celery, endive, and other raw vegetables
  • Figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate, honey
  • Yeasty dark beer, late harvest Riesling, Gin Martinis
Suitable for vegetarians rBST Free Gluten Free

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