Entertaining With Cheese


Here’s to the titan of the table.

Make it savory and beautiful. Display cheeses with a variety of flavors, textures, ages and colors. From mild to sharp, soft to hard, cheeseboards to desserts, the creativity is limitless.

Make it a main course.

  • Make it a party and create a cheeseboard. Mix it up with soft, hard, mild and tangy tastes.
  • Create with two to five specialty cheeses. More varieties can confuse guests and their palettes.
  • Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature. Be sure to take your cheeses out of the refrigerator 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving.
  • Use natural surfaces to display your cheese. Wood, slate or marble make for a beautiful cheese display.
  • Offer one knife for each cheese and leave space between each cheese so the flavors don’t mingle.
  • For a cheese course, plan on 3–5 ounces of cheese per person. For a light cheese tasting, plan on one ounce for each guest.

Explore the tastes.

  • Label each cheese so guests know which cheese they’re sampling.
  • Let your guests in on the adventure of cheese tasting. Add the place of origin, the age and what makes the cheese special whenever possible.
  • Cheese is more than an appetizer. Serve cheese after the main dish as its own cheese course. Or at the end of a meal with port, fruit and chocolate.
  • Serve it up with creativity. Hollow out fruits and vegetables–such as sweet peppers or tomatoes to make colorful bowls for spreads and dips.
  • Get creative and prepare skewers with Roth cheese chunks, fruits and vegetables.
  • Smaller bits blend with other ingredients more readily. Shred or grate cheeses before mixing into spreads and dips.
  • Roth cheeses are perfect to blend into creamy or chunky spreads and dips. Try our Buttermilk Blue®, Moody Blue®, or the buttery, mellow taste of Havarti for a dip.
  • Use toasts and flatbreads for thinner dips. Make sure you use sturdy breads and crackers for dips with chunky ingredients.

Just desserts.

Cheese lets you surprise your guests with desserts that go beyond the usual.

The many flavors of Roth cheese led our chefs to a variety of desserts including a few that are more unusual than most: