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We’ve all been there. It’s well past lunchtime, and too early for dinner, but your stomach says otherwise. It’s time for a snack. According to a 2018 snack survey*, 67 percent of respondents agree they would not be willing to give up their daily snack break. In fact, consumers are now snacking more frequently, with a 2017 study from Mintel reporting Americans now reach for a snack anywhere from two to three times daily. Luckily, Roth® Cheese, has introduced a new line of creamy snack cheese.

Like all Roth cheese, Roth® Snack Cheese is made with local rBST-free Wisconsin milk sourced from family farms within 60 miles of the company’s Southwest Wisconsin creamery. Packed with 5 grams of protein and 70 calories per serving, Roth Snack Cheese is a preservative-free, and naturally gluten-free, snack available in two varieties – Creamy Cheddar and Creamy Gouda.

“We created this new line of snack cheese to give consumers a high-quality, great-tasting, all-natural nutritious snack,” said Heather Engwall, Director of Marketing at Roth Cheese. “Each flavor has a unique, creamy texture and taste unlike any other snack cheese on the market. It’s a wholesome snack a mom or dad would buy for their kids but would add to their own lunch, too.”

Roth Snack Cheese is now available in .75-oz. individual servings, or in 6-count bags, in the deli section of grocery retailers nationwide and online via Imperfect Foods. To find Roth Snack Cheese near you visit

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* Roth® Cheese Snacking Study, April 2018