Buttermilk Blue® Affinée

Blue Affinee whl

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Made from raw cow’s milk, Blue Affinée defines the experience of rich and creamy. We select just a few of our blue cheese wheels to be aged six months or more. Here you’ll discover a deliciously piquant and earthy flavor profile.

Perfect for:

  • Blending into mashed potatoes
  • Spreading on crostini with chopped dates, dried apricots, or olives
  • Crumbling on salads, hot and cold


  • U.S. Championship Cheese Contest
    • 2nd Place – 2011

Pair with:

  • Pears, apples, nuts, and crystallized ginger
  • Olives, dates, and roasted red peppers
  • Port, Cabernet Sauvignon, Amarone

Gluten Free rBST Free

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