Cooking with Cheese


Yours for the making.

Whether you bake it, broil it or blend it, Roth cheese is the perfect addition. To make certain your dish is always delicious, here are a few things to keep in mind before you create with cheese.

Cook slow and low.

  • As a natural protein, cheese doesn’t like lots of heat. Always cook slowly and at low temperatures for the best flavor.
  • In the oven, cheese should be incorporated near the end–top off a dish in the last 5 to 10 minutes of cooking.
  • Grate, shred, or crumble cheeses into small pieces so they require less time to heat and melt.
  • For browning, cheese should be grated or shredded and broiled very briefly—4 to 5 minutes for most dishes.
  • During fondue and stovetop cooking, add cheese little by little into the simmering pot, stirring and melting each addition.
  • To prevent curdling when melting a large quantity of cheese, always add a starch (such as flour) and an acid (such as juice or wine). See how it’s done in our Classic Fondue Recipe.

Make the magic happen.

  • Shredding, cubing and grating most cheese is easiest when the cheese is cold.
  • Very hard cheeses, such as GranQueso® and Parmesan, are easier to shred or grate at room temperature.
  • Use soft, creamy cheeses for spreading and spooning.
  • The hand-made specialty cheeses created by Roth are rich and full of flavor. A little of our cheese adds a lot of flavor.