Blue cheese
like you’ve never
seen before.

Add a kick of flavor to mundane meals & boring bites with new Flavor Ups® blue cheese crumbles. These convenient, single-serve cups preserve freshness, reduce food waste, and make it easy to add BIG flavor on the go. They’re our answer to your household’s half-used cups of blue cheese. Use only what you need for lunches, salads, burgers and more!

Flavor Ups®

Flavor Ups®


NEW Flavor Ups® are convenient, portable cups of blue cheese crumbles. At home, use them in place of those half-used cups of blue cheese. When you’re on the go, add these 1-oz single­ portions to your lunch.

Available as: crumbles, pre-packaged.

Pair with

  • Apples, prosciutto & pecans in a salad
  • Hamburgers topped with caramelized onions
  • Pears, dates & dark chocolate for dessert

Perfect for

  • Lunch boxes
  • Topping salads and roasted vegetables
  • Melting on burgers and steaks

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