10 Easy Lunch Packing Ideas

easy lunch packing ideas

As much as we like to plan out the things we do in life, packing lunch at home is often falling at the bottom of our priorities. Eating out for lunch all the time can be bad for your diet and your wallet, so we put together easy lunch packing ideas to get you through the week. .

Here are 10 useful tips for making your own lunches:

  1. Plan out your meals. Planning out your meals ahead of time makes preparing and packing easier. Make your favorite lunch must-haves a part of your weekly grocery list.
  2. Use reusable containers. Using reusable containers makes packing easier and more fun. Plus, they are better for the environment than disposable bags and containers.
  3. Make in bulk. In other words, meal prep your lunches. You will be able to save time assembling lunch items all at once versus daily.
  4. Pack easy to grab snacks and sides. If you are in a hurry in the morning and aren’t always the best about making your lunch ahead of time, simple, grab-and-go snacks are perfect to throw in your lunch box.
  5. Don’t be afraid to use last night’s leftovers. When packing up leftovers for the night in containers, start packing your lunch. There’s no need to waste time transferring food from your left-over containers to your lunch containers!
  6. Store non-perishables in your desk. Consider stocking up on your favorite non-perishable lunch items in an office drawer or kitchen area if you have one. This makes it easy to quickly add onto your lunch or grab a quick snack throughout the day.
  7. Use your office’s fridge. If you have a shared office fridge, consider leaving items you use almost daily for your lunch. These could be your favorite food condiments or beverages.
  8. Organize a work lunch-in day. Packing your own lunch every day can get redundant. Organize with co-workers to have a lunch-in day where everyone signs up to bring something. This would be the perfect time to show off your new favorite recipe!
  9. Expand your horizons with new lunch ideas and recipes. Switching up your lunches and trying out new recipes is perfect to keep packing your own lunches fresh, and exciting. Plus, you may find your new favorite recipe this way!
  10. Keep your lunch in a spot you will be sure to see in the AM. One of the hardest things about packing your lunch is remembering to bring it! This can be frustrating, but if you leave your lunch by your keys, or leave yourself a note in the AM, you will be sure to remember it.

easy lunch packing ideas

These are just a few tips to help keep you motivated to pack your own lunch. You don’t have to pack your lunch every day, but even cutting down how often you eat out or order in on a weekly basis is a great start!

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