Introducing Roth Sriracha Gouda

MONROE, Wis. —Emmi Roth USA, a leading provider of specialty cheese, is giving gouda a fiery kick with their new Roth Sriracha Gouda. The innovative new cheese merges the mellow and mild flavor of Roth’s Dutch-style Gouda with spicy, tangy-sweet and savory Sriracha spices.

Sriracha Gouda is made with fresh milk from local Wisconsin dairy farms and cured for at least 30 days in Roth’s aging cellars in Monroe, Wisconsin. Before the curing process, Sriracha Gouda wheels are speckled with red pepper flakes and hand painted. Cheese buyers and consumers will recognize this new addition to the specialty cheese case by its striking bright red hue and chili-flecked rind.

“The bold flavor trend has been alive and well for the past few years and it’s not going away anytime soon,” says Marc Druart, head cheesemaker and Director of Research and Development at Emmi Roth USA. “We were able to infuse our signature Van Gogh Gouda with a Sriracha spice mix that’s bold enough to make an impact, but the heat mellows quickly and doesn’t overpower the creamy, buttery young Gouda flavors. It’s a perfect balance of flavor and a beautiful presentation, and customers and consumers are taking notice.”

Sriracha Gouda’s sweet and spicy flavor pairs well with apple and berry ciders, rose and Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Ales and IPA’s. It’s also perfect for topping chili, tomato soup, tacos, nachos and more.

Roth Sriracha Gouda was introduced at the Summer Fancy Food Show in June 2-16 in New York. The product is available at retailers nationwide and will continue to become more available at specialty shops and grocery stores throughout 2017.


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