Emmi Roth USA Honored with 14 Medals at 2016 World Cheese Awards

Contact: Abby Despins
Date: November 22, 2016

Emmi Roth USA Honored with 14 Medals at 2016 World Cheese Awards

MONROE, Wis. — Emmi Roth USA continued its year-long winning streak at the 29th Annual World Cheese Awards in Spain, capturing 14 awards. These wins bring the total number of awards for the company’s Wisconsin-made and imported cheeses to more than 30 in 2016.

Emmi Roth USA cheesemakers took home two gold awards, six silver awards and six bronze awards. This year’s award-winning cheeses include traditional Swiss imports such as Emmi Kaltbach Gruyère and Emmi Emmentaler to Wisconsin-made American originals like Roth® Prairie Sunset.

Wisconsin-produced Roth® brand of cheeses garnered five awards, including a silver award for Roth® Prairie Sunset and Bronze for Roth® Buttermilk Blue, Roth’s Private Reserve and Original Havarti.

Emmi Roth’s import from Switzerland took home nine of the medals, including: two Gold awards for Der Scharfer Maxx and Maxx Extra, five silver awards for Kaltbach™ line of cheeses and Studer Alter Schweizer; and two bronze awards for Emmi Emmentaler from the Meikirch region and Kaltbach™ Le Gruyere from the Moudon region. Silver award-winners in the Kaltbach™ line includes the new Kaltbach™ Le Crémeux cheese planned to hit the U.S. market in early 2017.

“It is truly an honor to continue to produce cheeses recognized as the best in the world,” said Tim Omer, President and Managing Director at Emmi Roth USA. “Great cheese is a testament to our high milk standards, cheesemaking traditions, and the dedication and expertise of our cheesemakers and cellar masters around the globe.”

Hosted by the U.K.’s Guild of Fine Food, the World Cheese Awards is the world’s largest cheese event and the most respected competition of its type. This year, more than 260 judges scored more than 3,000 cheeses from 31 countries.

For additional details on Emmi Roth USA, visit http://us.emmi.com/. A full list of World Cheese Award winners is available online.

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Emmi Roth USA, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Emmi Group, is a leading provider of specialty cheeses. The expansive portfolio includes award-winning cheeses from the United States, Switzerland and Europe, each crafted with pride from the freshest local milk.

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