“Empty the Fridge” Cheeseboard

At Roth Cheese, we believe that enjoying cheese should be easy, fun and not cost a fortune. That’s why we’ve created our favorite cheeseboards for just $20 using a few clever tips and a lot of creativity.

This board is THE secret to being the hostess with the mostess (on a budget!). Do not cook, do not turn on the oven, and do not labor at the stove — just whip up this simple, cost-friendly board using Grand Cru®, Buttermilk Blue®, Crumbled Chévre, and extra food in your refrigerator!

That’s right, we bought almost nothing to make this cheeseboard, and instead, used up all those end-of-week bits remaining in the fridge. Entertaining at it’s easiest. 

Here’s what we used:
1 (6-oz) wedge Roth Grand Cru® = $4.62
1 (4-oz) container Roth Crumbled Chévre = $3.93
1 (4-oz) wedge Roth Buttermilk Blue® = $3.79
1 small bag Rainier cherries = $6.72
Leftover pantry/fridge ingredients* = 1/2 container berries, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 package turkey slices, crackers, dried fruit, mixed nuts, pickles + Pirouette cookies

*Leftover ingredients are for inspiration only. Use up what’s hanging out in your own fridge!
**Prices vary by store. See our product locator to find Roth cheeses near you.

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