Arranging Your Holiday Cheese Board

Once you’ve sliced your cheese and selected your accompaniments, its time to start arranging your board. Here are five tips to keep in mind when building your holiday cheese board:

1. Start with the cheese
The cheese is the most important part of your board so begin by arranging it first. Make sure to leave plenty of space between each cheese to avoid confusion during tasting.

2. Give it shape
Draw attention to each cheese by arranging slices in varying shapes. Cheesemonger Mackenzie Aivazis, from Urban Radish in Los Angeles, recommends placing a small glass upside down on the cheeseboard and then decorating around it with cheese slices. Once the glass is removed, you’re left with an eye-catching design.

3. Add accompaniments
Use accompaniments to fill in the space between each cheese and add depth and texture to the board. Begin by adding items according to the amount of space they take up – biggest to smallest.

4. Contrast colors
Make the board pop by placing contrasting colored cheeses and accompaniments next to one other.

5. Inspire pairings
Subtly convey which cheeses and accompaniments should be enjoyed together by strategically placing them next to one another on the cheese board. This will encourage guests to form pairings they may not have considered on their own.

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