30-minute Flatbreads

Some of the easiest recipes to make involve flatbreads. They are great for an occasion and can dub as a snack, lunch, or fun dinner. The recipes in this list are the ones our fans rave about the most. Let us know which is your favorite!

Whiskey Mushroom Moody Blue® Flatbread: This flatbread is great to enjoy with a drink on the back patio as you grill your main course. The Moody Blue® cheese featured is smoked over fruit wood to create smoky undertones, which pairs with fire roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. Featuring: Moody Blue® and Butterkäse 

Alpine Asparagus Flatbread: Do you like only veggies on your flatbreads? This flatbread may be the one of your dreams with asparagus, red onions, and garlic. Featuring: Grand Cru®

Chicken Avocado Flatbread: Avocados are still trending this year, so why not put them on your flatbread? Sprinkle some bacon and chicken on top with some cheese and you have the perfect meal. Featuring: Ultimate Mac & Cheese Shred Blend

Gin-Spiked Buttermilk Blue® Flatbread: Try something new by adding blue cheese to your meals. This gin infused flatbread holds rosemary, onions, and fig & black tea jam on top to make a delicious combination to share at your next party. Featuring: Buttermilk Blue®

Italian Prosciutto Flatbread: A classic Italian-style flatbread rounds out this list of delicious meals. Sliced prosciutto, basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts meld together to form an unforgettable flatbread. Featuring: Original Van Gogh® Gouda

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