Five Special Weekend Brunch Ideas

Oh brunch, how we love thee! While a plate of bacon and eggs is classic, sometimes the weekend requires something special. Check out these five unique recipes for stepping up your brunch game with our award-winning variety of cheeses.

Cheesy Egg-Topped Acorn Squash Breakfast Bowl: Eat up the last bits of your winter squash haul with this sweet and salty bowl. Tater tots, chopped ham, eggs and our nutty Grand Cru® ensures brunch will be your most delicious meal of the day. Featuring: Original Grand Cru®

Cheesy Savory Oatmeal with Crispy Potatoes & Pesto: Have you tried SAVORY oatmeal yet? It’s the ultimate power breakfast — fully loaded with a cheesy oatmeal base, garlicky potatoes, a spoonful of pesto and gorgeous soft-boiled eggs. Featuring: Van Gogh® Gouda

Lazy Lady Strata: Whip-up this light and fluffy strata in just 40 minutes from start to finish! Our 3 Chile Pepper Gouda is the secret ingredient here, adding a rich, smoky, spicy flavor. Featuring: 3 Chile Pepper Gouda

Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza with Asparagus: Pizza for breakfast? Yes please. Low carb? Give it to me. Full of flavor…ummm are you for real? This hash brown, Grand Cru®-topped breakfast is what we call a crowdpleaser. Featuring: Original Grand Cru®

Brunch Board: There really is a cheeseboard for every occasion. Pick your favorite Roth cheeses and breakfast foods — think bacon, potatoes, avocado and berries — for the most enjoyable start to the day. Featuring: Buttermilk Blue® & Dill Havarti (but have fun changing it up!)

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