Girl Scout Cookie & Cheese Pairings

If there’s anything better than cheese and Girl Scout Cookies, it’s putting the two together. Trust us on this one. We’re really never more excited about a food other than cheese until it’s Girl Scout Cookie time, so naturally, we wanted to see how many sweet and salty combinations we could make.

Luckily, many of our team members here at Roth Cheese have kids who are actively selling cookies, so we bought one of each box and got to work. Below is actual behind the scenes footage of our pairing session, which clearly took the place of lunchtime.

We tried multiple pairings, starting with our mildest cheeses and cookies first, like Havarti and Shortbread, then working up to more hard-hitting flavors like Buttermilk Blue®, Sriracha Gouda, and Thin Mints®. The best flavor combinations happened when neither the cheese or cookies over-powered one or the other. In fact, they made each other better (yes, it’s possible!).

Here are our favorite pairings:

Girl Scout Cookies and cheese pairingsRoth Havarti & Shortbread
If you enjoy English tea time, you’ll love this combination. The mild creaminess of Havarti doesn’t over-power the delicate flavor of Shortbread, and the cookie brings out the sweetness in the cheese.

Roth GranQueso® & Caramel deLites®
If there’s one thing that goes well with sweet GranQueso® it’s caramel, so this pair was a no-brainer. The surprise is how well the coconut played with the flavors so nicely. This cheese is hand-rubbed with a cinnamon and paprika blend, giving it a sweetness that’s really brought out by the Caramel deLites. (We couldn’t stop eating this one!)

Roth Grand Cru® & Peanut Butter Patties®
Peanut butter really isn’t the first thing you think to eat with cheese. However, our Grand Cru® is carefully crafted and aged to bring out deep, nutty flavors in the cheese that truly compliment this childhood favorite.

Roth Gouda & Lemonades™
This pair is our wild card. If you thought peanut butter couldn’t pair with cheese, you’ll really be skeptical of lemon. We were too, but, somehow this actually works. Lemonades are shortbread cookies topped with thin layer of lemon icing, so it has just a hint of tang, making it easy to enjoy with milk and sweet Gouda cheese.

When you pair Girl Scout Cookies with your cheese, it’s only fitting to ask a Girl Scout to help us with these family favorites. So, we bribed Celeste, a Girl Scout in Wisconsin, with extra cheese and her very own cheese badge to help us share the cookie and cheese love.


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