How to Make a Tropical Cheeseboard

The dog days of summer are here, and it’s the perfect time for a taste of the tropical. Featuring our fresh Plain Chèvre goat cheese, this vibrant cheeseboard comes together quickly and is a fun centerpiece for your next summer party or backyard BBQ.

We made this spread with the help of our friends at Imperfect Foods — advocates for sustainable, affordable groceries — but it can also be made using similar foods found at your preferred grocery store.

Roth Goat Cheese Tropical Cheeseboard

The key to this tropical cheeseboard is balancing flavors: the sweet, salty, and tangy. Feel free to swap some of the items for your own favorites (i.e. fresh pineapple would be a great swap for kiwi), but keep in mind how the foods compliment each other.

/ / The Tangy

Roth Plain Chèvre goat cheese

/ / The Salty

Club-style crackers, plantain chips, and roasted, salted cashews

/ / The Sweet

Dried mango, honey, kiwi fruit, mango salsa, pears, and sea salt & almond chocolate bark

Imperfect Foods Haul

Want to get everything you need to make this cheeseboard? Head over to Imperfect Foods for the easiest one-stop shop! We have listed all the cheeseboard items below that you can buy it online (availability varies).

  • Roth Plain Chèvre goat cheese
  • Heaven’s Honey local honey
  • Taza Chocolate sea salt & almond bark
  • Venus Wafers club crackers
  • Imperfect Foods cashews halves & pieces
  • Imperfect Foods dried mango
  • Imperfect Foods kiwi, mango, & pear
  • Imperfect Foods plantain chips
Roth Plain Chevre Goat Cheese

Plain Chèvre

Pair With

Figs, dates, red grapes


Sprinkling on arugula salad


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