5 Ways to Use Blue Cheese

Whether you’re hosting a party at your house with your closet friends and family or looking for new creative ways to use cheese in your weekly dinner plans, blue cheese is the answer. It adds big flavor and is one of the most versatile cheeses you’ll find — eat it on a cheeseboard, crumbled, spread or melted.

Here are five different ways to enjoy blue cheese:

1. Melt on Top of a Burger: One of the most common and delicious ways to enjoy blue cheese is to crumble and melt it on top of a burger. One of our favorite burger recipes is our Moody Blue Slider made with our delicately smoked Moody Blue® recipes

2. Make a Dip: Another easy way to use blue cheese is it turn it into a cheesy dip! This Pear & Buttermilk Blue® Dip incorporates our Original Buttermilk Blue® cheese along with five other simple ingredients for a dip that’s perfect for a crowd.

3. Make a Dessert: Blue cheese typically isn’t the first thing you think of when making dessert or sweet appetizers, but it’s tangy and savory flavor adds depth to a variety of sweet dishes. These Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Candied Pecan Puff Pastry Bites are a perfect example!
 4. Melt in a Grilled Cheese: Any cheese can be melted in a grilled cheese. Yes, even blue! This Buttermilk Blue® Melt made with our Buttermilk Blue® cheese, zucchini and tomatoes is a new spin on your favorite comfort food.

5. Top a Salad: The creamy taste and texture of blue cheese is perfect on top of fresh, crispy lettuce. This Chicken BLT Salad uses blue cheese to add creaminess to the usual bacon, lettuce, and tomato combo.

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